Thursday, June 20, 2013

That day, I was having a conversation with my dear friend. The topic – ‘Relationships and Faith’.

I am referring here not only to the Faith that we have in ourselves but most importantly, Faith that we put in Others. 

As we debated on the subject, he put across a Thought that made me pause and reflect.

He said firmly - ‘You got to Earn your Faith in Relationships. You need to act and build others' Faith in you’

I thought to myself -‘Whoa! Are we saying here - If someone is not showing Faith in me, that has got something to do with me? Really?’

I don't think so. I think we have got the equation wrong. Now is the time to set it right.

I do NOT have to Earn Faith. But, I CHOOSE to Have Faith. I CHOOSE to Put Faith.

Faith is one of the most beautiful gifts that one human can gift to another.
Faith is a Virtue that every soul has.
Faith is simply a Choice that You Make or Not Make.

Faith has got nothing to do with people and situations outside.  It is the Ability of the soul – whether to exercise Faith or not. 

Putting Faith in someone does Not make you vulnerable or weak. Truth is, only the courageous one shall be able to Choose Faith – Every time, come what may!

Those who have experienced the Power of Faith will agree with me on this.The positive energy of Faith can work miracles.  It can move mountains. Whether it is for yourself or for others, Faith always empowers; It uplifts us to realize our true potential.

So, next time - When you meet someone on whom you had put your 100% Faith – but your expectations were let down; Remember- You did the Right thing. You were strong enough to sent out the Right Energy and the Perfect Energy that the other soul needed. 

How the other person responded thereafter is purely his choice of action and his ability to perform. Your Faith or lack of it is not responsible for the outcome.

In our small world, there will be times when you come across the same situation/ same person. Just do not let your past experience distract you. Start afresh, give them another chance and this time perhaps- Choose to Double your Faith in them. For you now know, that they need this extra energy of Faith to help them walk that winning line – which they had missed last time.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Are you one of those who flip through the newspaper & head straight to the Astrology section?

Well, count me also in! :-)

How happy I am when the forecast says all that I want to hear. And, in contrast that restless feeling when the forecast spells trouble.

But, can you call this see-saw of feelings, from the peak high to the deepest low-Stability?

No, I don't think so. This is dependency.

It's time to break-free. It's time to challenge our own belief system & discover the Truth for ourselves.

Yes, it is true that a Forecast points out to events/ situations/ people/ objects –that is coming your way. But, what is also true is-

a) A Forecast, in true sense, indicates a Possibility/ an Option. Not a fact...Not until You choose it to become so.

b) A Forecast always talks about what’s coming your way. But, it never says - how you are going to RESPOND, to these events. It simply cannot. For, You alone CHOOSE your response.

Real-life situations faced – whether harsh or smooth, remember - You always have a choice to respond. You always get to pick & choose your Act.

And, it doesn’t just stop at this.

As you Act, you declare who you are. Every Act is an Act of Self-Definition.

How you act is nothing but a reflection of who you are, who you choose to Be. The best part- You get to CHOOSE your act-always.

So next time, when you read your forecast, remember your Power of Choice, smile & say – BRING IT ON!

Friday, August 13, 2010

CREATIVITY- a Word that has something special about it.
Everytime you experience Creativity- you feel a gush of Joy inside.

But, what exactly is CREATIVITY? What do you call CREATIVE & What do you NOT call Creative?

Being Creative
simply means - 'To Create Something'.

If I create a Painting, a Song or a Sketch , I am Creative. Only when I am into Creative Arts, I can be Creative. All these years, so I believed till I re-discovered the correct meaning.

Creativity, in its Truest sense, is NOT defined by the DOING part. It is the BEING part.

With every pure, beautiful Thought that you Create in your Mind - You are being Creative.

Your Pure Thought is the seed of Creativity. This is the source from where your Creativity flows into action. First, you Create a beautiful Thought. Then, what you DO next, is just an expression of that Thought.

So, be it your painting. Or, be it your pure thought of Love & Compassion. You are being Creative.

Next time when someone tells you- 'You are Creative. I wish I could be, too'.
Just tell'em- You already are. We all are. Born naturally Creative.

Monday, August 2, 2010

CHANGE- a word that has many flavors to it.
For some, it is Music to the ears; For others, it brings in feeling of hurt .

To a man, who is in deep pain - CHANGE brings in a ray of Hope. It builds a strong Faith within. This man smiles as he believes- "Nothing is constant in his journey of Life. Not even his suffering. Things will Change. They always Do!"

There is another person, who perceives Change as Pain. He sees this world as a big mess & complains about Life - "When will this World Change? / When will people Change?/ For god's sake, will U ever change?/ How could you do this to me? U have really Changed...& so on"

Situation is challenging for both. But, they responded Differently- to the CHANGE in their life.
Yesterday, I was rich & happy. Today, I lost all my wealth & I am poor.
Yesterday, people smiled at me & paid respect. Today, they are ignorant & rude.
You think, this is an Obstacle? No, it is NOT.

It is just a CHANGE. And, CHANGE is the only thing that is CONSTANT in this universe.

So, don't get bogged down with the CHANGE that is happening in your Life. Just embrace it & move on. Be it a pleasant situation or not, things will always CHANGE. They have To.

Just like a reel movie, real Life is best enjoyed in Motion. So, Embrace the Winds of Change. It is the only key to unlock the next scene of your Life.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In life, we come across many challenging situations. We face it head-on & give it our toughest fight.
Simple answer - That's what a HERO does & we want to be one.

For tireless number of years, we keep fighting life's situations - sometimes, they are in form of incident & other times, they are real people.

But, there comes a moment when you pause & think, what are you fighting for? You begin to question your own motives. 'When I started this fight, what did I want to achieve? '

Answering this simple question opens the door. It did for me.

I realize that I got so engrossed in fighting the situation that I misinterpreted my own vision.
I was trying to CHANGE the situation, not FIGHT it.
I started to wrongly believe that this is what is meant by FIGHTING. I STRUGGLED with the situation. I gave it my full strength but to MOULD it to another favourable situation.

Of course, it doesn't work that way! Not in God's rulebook.

I have to SAIL THROUGH the situation, NOT CHANGE the situation.
If I sail through it, the next situation that is waiting for me would be a changed one, of course.

God teaches us in an amazing way, doesn't HE?

Never ever get attached to any situation. You just give it your best fight & just LET GO.
At the end of your fight - Even if you decide to LET GO, remember - it is the BEST thing to do. B'coz, it sets You Free!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monday morning & I am late
My car broke down, damn my fate
With office schedule on my mind
Better I walk than help to find

Lost in thoughts, I rushed down the street Bumped into a man but our eyes could not meet

He fell but couldn’t get to the road side
Only then did I realize
That the man was blind

I paused for a moment
Thinking that I'll show him the way
But,on second thought, I decided to walk away

My Heart shouted-'Hey, Wait'
But Mind overruled -‘No time. U r already late'

I wish I had a magic wand.
Oh, God. Pls. give me your Helping hand

I heard God reply
Son, I want to offer you My hand
But, it seems that you are not worth its try

All these years, I walked by your side
Every time you fell, I carried you with pride
But, today when that blind man lay on the ground
Your helping hand was nowhere to be found

When in pain, only then do you pray
But still I show you the way
Your Mind tends to limit your sight
Follow your Heart & you will always do Right

It’s not only Me who can do Wonders
Give your helping hand, to those who Surrender
It’s not only Me who can change Tears into Hope
Your sign of kindness can also help others cope

My child,
You have the right to be wrong
Learning from your mistake
Actually makes you strong

So next time, when U wish for that Magic Wand
Just make sure that you deserve
My Helping Hand

Friday, March 26, 2010

As I was on my window-shopping spree, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy this artifact - The Laughing Buddha

I don't know why but I just couldn't take my eyes off it. There is something about it. Watch closely & you will see his face glowing with joy, eyes sparling with happiness. The blissful look that he gives actually reminds me that perhaps, even I am looking for the same expression as his.

As we got our 'Maitreya' (Chinese name for 'Laughing buddha') to bless our home, I began to ask what does his posture signify? Of course, I googled but no luck. This posture seemed to be an unique one. I atleast came to know the meaning of stuff that my Maitreya was carrying - (1) The 'Coins' symbolize wealth (2) The 'Sack' represents Bag of Goodies & Prosperity

As I was telling my hubby dear about this, he also added his 2 cents on it. What Alok said next was an amazing thought.

Our Laughing buddha, if you observe closely his posture, is actually doing a balancing act between the loaded sack & basket full of Coins.

I got my answer. No more words were required. I now understood what my laughing buddha was trying to tell me.

Our 'Maitreya' is an inspiration. It reminds us to maintain a healthy balance between Happiness & Wealth. Both are important but your life is blissful only & only if you are able to strike a perfect balance between the two.

Many times in life, we tend to lose our balance as one 'side' gets heavier. But, then we need to immediately regain our stability & pose with a joyful smile - just like my Laughing Buddha!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

For best viewing, u r just 2 clicks away - Click on this image & Zoom-in!
This is my 'Poem cum Wallpaper' - Double mazaa!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I just finished watching the movie - 'Love Actually'.
How Romantic,you must be thinking. Yeah, but this film adds a new flavor to the definition of Romance. It conveys a very subtle yet powerful message.
Each one of us is so filled with Love. Each one of us is so capable of GIVING Love. Each one of us feel so much alive everytime we EXPRESS Love.
Come to think of it, it's true. Isn't it?
There is abundant of Love floating around you. You can actually feel it. Just got to have the right perspective!
I am a human-'Being', NOT a human-'Doing'. I am not my actions. I am just a pure consciousness- made up of Love. I, myself, am Love.
No wonder, it feels natural that I radiate love.
Unlike other things that I spend in life, the More I spend Love, More I get of it.
This is how God's programming works.
This is how I am meant to Be.
And, I want to live my life, the way God has meant it to Be.

Friday, February 5, 2010

They say, a Picture is worth a 1000 words. Any guess, how much worth would be a painting, done by God ?
God, I feel, is the best Artist amongst us. He is a Perfectionist.

No one on this earth can beat Him, when it comes to Creativity. Infact, the child artist that lives inside each one of us, is nothing but a reflection of Him.
If we, His child, are able to create such beauty in this world, can you just imagine what happens when God, our Master, is at Work!

Just gaze around & you will see how God paints this World - His canvas.
Every single painting He does is just picture-perfect. The color palette that He chooses; there is never any second thought to it.
Be it the shades of sunrise or sunset. Be it the white clouds set against the light blue sky. Be it the pearl-white moon shining against the deep blue ocean...every little scene He paints, is always breathtaking.
With every stroke of His brush, a Masterpiece is born.
Thank u, Father for blessing me with Your creation. It's a real treat to watch u paint !

I remember
As a small child
Those fondest memories
& Dreams so wild

How great it would be
When I am
What I am meant to be

My destiny was made
But doubt walked in & said

I doubt if your
Dream will ever come true
For those who live their destiny
Are really few

Words of doubt
Made me feel blue
I almost gave up saying
I Can Not Do

Just then
I heard a voice say
You Can & You Will
I am your Determination
You got to stay

I walked on
Thinking it will not take long
But many times I fell
It was not going very well

No longer can my dreams soar
It hurts
I can not take it anymore

Just then
I heard a voice so sure
Come on, Get up
Just one step more

The voice was right
For it gave me a reason to fight
No more I am afraid to fall
I stand up again & walk tall

Believe in your Dreams
Just the way I believe in You
For I am the Determination
Within You

Sounds familiar, isnt’ it? I would have heard this, million times or maybe even more.
You & I grew up hearing it. Everyone around just rubbed these words, on & on - until the ‘script’ got ‘programmed’ into my mind!

Today, I am 31yrs old. And, for the first time in 31 years, I challenge this belief. I am going to introspect & find out if it really is the Truth, or is it just another man’s perspective?

The Universe that we all live in is governed by many laws. And, beauty is that every single law works to Perfection. There is no scope for error, at all.

Take for example, The Law Of Gravity. Perfect.

There is one another law that interests me & is definitely one of my favorites – The Law Of Attraction. This Law is very simple.
It just says - Whatever frequency of energy you transmit to the Universe, the Universe responds back to you, on the same frequency.

In simple words, your Thoughts become your Being.
Whatever you Think, it will manifest in your Life! The Universe does it for You. You just have to ‘transmit’ the correct Signal.

You think, money – Universe will grant you money. You think, Debt – Universe grants you debt. And, it goes on.

Just imagine the Universe as your Genie & You, as his master.
You Wish & the Genie says – ‘Ur wish is my Command’.

That’s all to this law. Simple. Powerful. Awesome.

So, coming back to the belief – Life is Not Fair, let’s apply the Law Of Attraction.

How my life treats me is actually a reflection of my thoughts that I had released into the Universe. The Universe is just giving back to me what I have been Thinking about.
Law of Attraction is working, that too to Perfection.

I thought about Misery, I got it. I thought about Laughter, I received it. I thought about criticizing other people, I received more of such situations. I thought about joy, I got that, too.

You see, the Universe doesn’t care whether I want it or I don’t want it – it just knows ‘What I am thinking about?’
Whatever frequency of Thought I transmit, so it Becomes. And, that’s how my Life unfolds at each step.

The Law Of Karma also rotates around the same principle. Positive Karma attract positive Results. Negative Karma attracts negative outcome.
As simple as that.

With this Law of Attraction working, I think, Life could not have been more fair to us.
Forget about it being called ‘unfair’, I think it is the most fairest of all!

Will you still like to believe – Life is Not Fair
Or, you choose to believe that you are the creator of your own Life.

Choice, once again, is yours. Whatever You Say, it becomes Real for you!

Copyright 2010 Life As U Take It.

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